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Parents First

How many times do you repeat an instruction before your children listen? Do you give in to them so they can stop the whining, arguing, tantrums etc or your strategy is to give a good spank every time to buy some quiet or get them fall in and do what you want?

Parents First empowers you with amazingly simple and practical strategies to get kids to stop doing what you don’t want them to do and get them to start doing what you want them to do thereby turning your hectic, stressed guilt-inducing ways of life into more nurturing, healthy experiences for yourselves and your families.

Our goal is to increase your JOYS and SATISFACTIONS of being a parent in today’s world. We still sit down with you and work through the distressing everyday issues that nearly  all families must deal with.

Our Promise!
You will be in charge, learn to worry less, focus on what matters most and raise more responsible and happier kids!

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